Our Purpose

Everywhere around us today, in the context of the pandemic, we hear the sayings, ‘A NEW WAY OF DOING THINGS, LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME’ and so on and so forth. In light of the current epidemic, this is true, however, there are and there will always be many situations and circumstances that, I believe, remain the same. One of them being: HOW WE RAISE OUR CHILDREN, teenagers to be precise – through normal and challenging times. Fundamentally, the issues surrounding the raising of teenagers during this time have not changed, these include issues such as; schooling, body image, relationships, boundaries, spirituality, money, and friends.

I, like so many of you during this lockdown, have had time, to thoroughly consider many matters. One that repeatedly comes to mind was the issue of how parents are managing to raise their teenagers during this pandemic, how are parents coping, and what are their strategies to help with reoccurring issues. With this in mind, I decided to write a blog to help parents during these auspicious moments.

I am a soon to be a fifty-two-year-old mother of four children (three biological and one step), with their ages ranging between 29yrs to 19yrs. The journey of raising my children is one I did and still do with my supportive husband. When I look back on this journey, I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness that I was able to do it with many lessons learned along the way. So; come join me, give me a moment of your time to share with you some simple tips I found helpful on the precious journey of raising teenagers.