How To Get Your Child Excited About Nutrition

How To Get Your Child Excited About Nutrition

When it comes to instilling great eating habits and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, many of the opinions we have are formed in childhood.

This is good news for parents, as it means you have plenty of opportunities to get your child into good habits and make health a way of life.

You may be wondering how you can get your child excited about good nutrition. After all, some kids can be notorious for rejecting all things healthy! Fortunately for you, we have the tips you need to get your child excited about a healthy lifestyle and the tricks you can try to make delicious nutrition a way of life.

Show Them Where Their Food Comes From

A large part of helping children get excited about healthy eating is showing them where it comes from. This helps bring the concepts to life and will allow them to connect to the things on their plate.

This is a great chance to explain the life cycles of plants, as well as the importance of farmers and other professionals involved in helping our food reach our homes.

Have A Go At Growing Your Own

Once your children have a better understanding of where their food comes from, it’s time to let them start having a go at growing their own. Start small, with cress or other easy-to-grow items, and build up to vegetables you use in salads.

Encourage your child to create a diary to track the progress of their plants. Celebrate by including the end result in a meal once they are fully grown.

Remember, you don’t need a lot of space to grow your own veggies – even a pot or window box will be suitable.

Let Them Get Involved

Bringing kids into the kitchen is one of the best ways to help them get more excited about healthy food. Include them at every stage in the process.

Explore recipes together, discussing the different ingredients that are included. Then work together to plan a meal.

Let them help you out in the kitchen, explaining each stage and allowing them to experiment and explore. Don’t be afraid to let your child try new things, even if you have your reservations!

This is also a great chance to teach your child about kitchen safety and about the importance of food hygiene.

Model Good Behavior

Ultimately, children learn by example, so make sure you are modeling good behavior. Let them see you eating and enjoying healthy, nutritious food, and teach them things as you go along.

By making healthy, delicious food an everyday part of life, you are normalizing it for your little ones.

Final Thoughts

Getting your children involved in cooking, and helping them understand where their food comes from, are crucial parts of encouraging healthy lifestyles and forming habits that last a lifetime.  God will continue to help us with our teens, in Jesus Name, Amen.